Announcement – Parents and Families Weekend – Virgina Tech vs. NCSU Football

Fellow Students,

Our football team is experiencing great success to start the season as we are 3-0 heading into our game against Georgia Tech this Saturday at noon on ESPN!  Last Thursday night when we played Cincinnati, students requested almost 13,000 student seats online, compared to our allotment of a little over 8,000.  As the request period begins for the Parents & Families weekend game against Virginia Tech and runs through 11:59 PM on Saturday, demand is again expected to be at record highs.

Our student ticket lottery is weighted to favor graduate students and seniors and loyal attendees, however, it is still a lottery.  Very similar to the NBA rookie draft, those with the most points, don’t always win.  With that being said, Student Government and the Athletics Department have been working on solutions to get as many students into the game as possible.

Be sure to check out, the Technician, and the SG website on Monday/Tuesday for details regarding more opportunities for students to receive tickets for the VT game.

Demand like this shows how our student body has stepped up to the plate to support our Wolfpack, this is a great problem to have!  Let’s keep filling Carter-Finley, especially with our early arrivals, Go Pack!

Jeffrey Johnson

Student Athletic Director


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