Progress and Accountability: A New Age in NC State Athletics?

I know this is coming a little late in the game compared to other entries on the depths of which NC State Athletics must climb to remove itself from the cellar of the ACC, but as someone who works with the NC State Athletics Dept. I’ve needed a little time to formulate what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it.

I’ll start with saying that I recently reviewed a comprehensive report on our past 5 years of athletic success (or lack thereof).  It was quite mind numbing at times to look at, but honestly, I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be pretty.  Needless to say, a small child could look at that report and tell that our new AD, Debbie Yow, has her work cut out for her.  I don’t have an electronic copy of the report I looked at, but thanks to WVWolf, an NC State grad in statistics, via RiddickandReynolds and StateFansNation, I’ll be able to provide you with a look at what he found in a one year comprehensive review.  Take the next few minutes to look it over.

Now lets look at his analysis.


  • Cross Country (M) and Rifle (SEARC) won conference championships.
  • In ACC competition for sports with win/loss records, only Swimming (M) and Swimming(W) with records of 3-2 had a winning record. Gymnastics had a winning record in the EAGL as did Rifle in the SEARC.
  • Of the 15 sports with win/loss records, 11 had overall winning records.
  • Cross Country(M) was the only ACC program to finish above 4th place. Gymnastics(EAGL) and Rifle (SEARC) also finished above 4th.
  • Outdoor Track (W) and Volleyball both finished last in the ACC, as did Rifle in the GARC.
  • Virginia won the most ACC titles with 7, followed by Florida St with 5 and Georgia Tech with 4.
  • ACC schools won 8 national championships. Duke, North Carolina and Virginia won 2 titles and Maryland and Boston College won 1. (Boston College won the the national championship in Men’s Hockey, a non-ACC sport).
  • In the Directors Cup standings, NC State ranked 89th, which is last in the ACC. In the next week or so I plan on posting an entry with a more detailed look at the Directors Cup for NC State as well as the rest of the ACC.
  • As maligned as NC State’s men’s soccer program is, it did earn the most points of any sport in the Directors Cup for a 17th place finish.

Now that the nightmare of the instant analysis of that chart is over, lets continue to drag this thing out by me posting my thoughts.  Obviously things aren’t going so great on the field, pitch, court, etc.  One of the most telling observations from WV Wolf has to be when he says,

In ACC competition for sports with win/loss records, only Summing(M) and Swimming(W) with records of 3-2 had a winning record.”

The sad part of that quote is when you see that both of our swimming teams finished in 7th(W) and 9th(M) place in the ACC.  Not so good.  However, not visible in the statistics posted earlier, a couple shinning spots do exist in the forms of progress from new coaches.  Its obvious to see that we have a winner in Coach Kellie Harper.  She is an outstanding coach and the girls on our team love her.  I worked with the women’s basketball program a lot last year with the Kay Yow Memorial, and I know that the girls on the team love Coach Harper, and they love her style of play.  She brought us back to the NCAA tournament, and I know she has even bigger things in store for next year.  Also, our new women’s soccer coach, Steve Springthorpe, was able to help our women’s team win its first ACC game in 2 years during his first season as coach.  As you can see, the team went on to win 2 ACC games and tie 1.  It’s nothing impressive, but a start.  Although the results can’t be seen on last year’s review, the hire of Bryan Bunn to coach our volleyball team is a step in the right direction.

Also, off the field, the dreaded facilities word comes into play.  We were able to install an, in my opinion, awesome new HD jumbo-tron and sound system in the RBC Center as well as install a brand new scoreboard and video board at Doak Field for baseball.  In the works are plans to upgrade the sound system at Carter-Finley as well the construction of a new state of the art tennis complex (the architect’s sketches for this look AWESOME).

Over the next few days, I’ll post my charges to our Athletics Department for the upcoming year, which includes myself since I consider myself an extension of the department.  I’ll hold myself accountable to be more vocal and active in voicing my and students concerns to the proper channels in athletics.   The charges will be in no particular order, as I think most of them have equal importance.  I will not address winning, as that is something that shouldn’t have to be said.  Winning games is what an athletics department is supposed to do from day 1. I, nor anyone else, should have to say to an athletics department, “You need to win games.”  That’s pretty obvious to everyone in the office.

If you have any ideas or things you’d like to see addressed, feel free to comment or send me an email at  I love getting feedback about things that I can address to people in the athletics department.


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