Appeal to NC State Students


It’s that time of year again, the one we all love to hate, election season. This year’s candidates all possess great qualities and ambition. The position of Student Body President is one that is often coveted, but rarely understood. The position requires immense detail, great patience, and most importantly, objective reasoning and administrator relations.

This year’s election is an extremely important one, as we as a university are facing tough times and tough decisions. We need to make the right choice in leadership, and I have no doubt in my mind that Chandler Thompson is the right choice.

I have gotten to know Chandler during the last two years as we’ve served together in Student Government. She is the right choice for student body president because she loves NC State and genuinely wants to see the best things happen for NC State. She has the experience needed to be president through SG, working with university administrators on different committees, and through her pure passion to see NC State succeed. She wants to lead NC State for all the right reasons and I have no doubt that she will do an excellent job.

So this is my appeal to you, for the future of NC State: please vote for Chandler Thompson from 12:00am – 11:59pm tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th at:

Thanks and Go Pack!


PS – Visit her website for more info:


Matthews Medal

I was recently awarded the amazing honor of receiving the NC State Matthews Medal. Here are my essays for the medal and my speech I gave at the ceremony.

Essay 1

How have you contributed to the NC State community in a way that will have a lasting effect on campus?

For most people, our goal is to humbly lend our service to organizations and events that we deem worthy.  After all, it is a goal of most people to make a difference in what they do.  For me, I was raised to work hard, be honest, and to make a difference.  I was taught to be a responsible citizen and to give back to what gave me to me.  One thing that has given much to me, which I can say with absolute certainty, is NC State.  It is my sincere hope that I have been able to give back a fraction of what has been given to me.

I did not begin my collegiate journey at NC State.  Instead, it began at Campbell University, a small private school in Buies Creek, North Carolina.  I had been accepted to NC State for civil engineering out of high school and was planning on attending.  I was even a Park Scholar nominee by my high school.  However, I was also accepted to Campbell on, for all purposes, a full scholarship.  At the time, it was a difficult but logical decision, I would attend Campbell and study trust management.  Soon after beginning at Campbell, I realized I had made the wrong choice.  Campbell is a great school, it is growing exponentially and making great strides to expand its brand, but it just was not for me.  I spent a lot of time that semester visiting my future roommate at NC State.  After one semester at Campbell, I transferred away to attend NC State, but would continue my studies in business.

My decision to transfer from Campbell to NC State is one that I would never regret.  The transition from a small private school to a giant public institution was a bit difficult at first.  I spent a good deal of my first semester, the spring of 2008, finding my way around NC State and meeting people.  I soon began to fall for NC State, but it was not until the fall semester of 2008 that I would fall completely in love with NC State.  I had been in marching band in high school and had even been “recruited” to join a couple ACC bands at Clemson and Virginia.  Campbell did not have a football team, let alone a marching band, when I attended, so the lack of musical presence in my life needed to be filled at NC State. In the fall of 2008 I joined the marching band and was thrown into an ocean of NC State spirit.  In my opinion, it is impossible to participate in one of our athletic bands without becoming a Wolfpack fan through and through.  I was introduced to a world of different people, events, and the spectacle of Wolfpack football.  I sweated on the field during rehearsal, played and cheered my heart out at home football games, and traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to perform and cheer on the team during our bowl game.  I experienced an explosion of talent in the marching band that created what many alumni have called, the best marching band NC State has ever had. At this point in time, NC State began to give to me, and I back to it.

The following years I began to give completely back to NC State.  I joined student government in the fall of 2009 and began to work on the Kay Yow Memorial project in July of 2009 as well.  I would like to believe that the Coaches’ Corner will provide a lasting impact on NC State as it will honor the achievements and spirit of those who gave so much to NC State basketball, such as the first coach honored, Kay Yow.  Next, the project will be expanded to include other coaches, such as Everett Case, Norm Sloan, and James Valvano, who all embodied the true spirit of NC State.  Hopefully the memorial will stand for generations of future NC State students so that they may see and honor those whose influence should be felt by all fans and alumni.  As the athletics representative in student government, I enjoyed quite a few experiences where I gave much to NC State.  I have worked for two years, finally succeeding this year, in developing a new student ticketing distribution system to adequately award loyal students the seats they deserve.  I believe this ticketing system will be the best in the ACC and will make NC State students the envy of the conference.  It was not an easy route to get to the new system.  I endured quite a bit of criticism from fellow students, participated in some heated closed-door debates with administrators, and pushed administrators constantly to do their best for students.  I also hope that some of my other initiatives including student appreciation nights and residence hall challenges will continue for years to come.

NC State has given much to me.  I have a world-class education, many life long friends, and some of the best experiences I could have ever dream of having.  I took it upon myself to give back to the institution that has given me so much, and I hope that what I have done, and what I plan to continue doing, will continue to reflect positively on the university for generations to come.

Essay 2

What makes a good alumni body and how will you contribute to that community?

There are many different interpretations of what makes a good alumni body.  I’m sure you could find many different opinions in the NC State Alumni Association alone.  To me, a good alumni body is one that is actively engaged, giving, and supportive.

First, I believe that a good alumni body should be actively engaged.  A large public institution, such as NC State, is constantly growing and undergoing change.  Change is fluid, especially in today’s world.  There are many committees and areas to be involved in an alumni association, and a good alumni body will take advantage of those opportunities.  After all, most alumni’s lives have been shaped by NC State; we need to be able to shape NC State’s life as it continues to grow as well.  Input needs to be given by those who have been there and attended NC State.  I plan to continue my record of serving on university and university associated committees whenever possible after graduation.

Secondly, I believe that a good alumni body should be giving.  A public university is a non-profit organization that needs the support of its alumni to grow and function.  I believe that a good alumni base sees the need for monetary support and actively seeks to aid in the operation of the university by giving generously and whole-heartedly to the university.  Being a land grant university, NC State falls into a trend of having a smaller endowment than local peers such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Virginia, and South Carolina.  In order to continue NC State’s growth and success in areas such as Centennial Campus, technological and medical research, and business growth, alumni need to support this growth by actively seeking to expand the university’s endowment.  This is an area that I am very passionate about, as it is a dream of mine to work in our university’s development department.  I hope to one day be able to work to achieve record levels of giving by our alumni base and grow our endowment to never imagined levels.

Lastly, I believe that a good alumni base should be supportive.  Yes, constructive criticism is an asset, but constant strife is not productive, nor a conduit to success.  Sometimes I feel that our alumni base is not as harmonious as it should be, though I believe we are moving in the right direction.  You see other alumni bases at schools such as UNC-Chapel Hill and UVA who support everything that their university does, which leads to high levels of giving and engagement.  If we, as an alumni base, encourage a better community and family atmosphere, I believe that our alumni base will become even more united and supportive, which is essential to a strong university.  I hope to help continue the advancement in this area through increased alumni communication and pushing the envelope to have even better alumni relations.

A good alumni base is essential to sustaining growth and success at a university.  A university would not exist without students, and would not grow without alumni.  I feel that our alumni base is one of the best in the country, and I also feel that we do not, and cannot, settle for being as good as we currently are.  Through increased engagement, giving, and support, our alumni body can propel NC State University to levels of success never previously imagined.


Receiving the Matthews Medal is an amazing honor that I will truly cherish my entire life. While growing up, my family always taught me to humbly work hard to give to those in need and to give back to those who gave to me. I can say without doubt that NC State University has given me more than I could have ever imagined. It is my hope that I have been able to give back but a portion of what has been given to me.

I didn’t begin my college career at NC State, but it only took me one semester away to realize that NC State is where I belong. Coming here has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.

During my time here, two things equally stand out as the most satisfying parts of my experience as a student. First, is the moment where I stood back after the press conference and finally realized that the Kay Yow Memorial had been completed. What an honor it was to meet the people I did, and to work on something to memorialize someone who epitomized what NC State represents. Secondly, it wasn’t always the most fun part, but easily the other most satisfying thing for me was representing students during my time in Student Government. I
served as our Student Athletic Director, as a part of Student Government, for the past two years, and during my time faced quite a few challenges with ticketing, tailgating, and other issues on the external operations side. However, no matter how frustrating or difficult things got, a special thanks for this goes to my fellow students, I always felt satisfied knowing that I was giving everything I had to fight for students.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and family for always being there for me. I would also like to thank everyone here who has helped, advised, or been a friend to me along the way. You are all special and unforgettable people.

I will be forever grateful to NC State for the things that I’ve learned, experiences I’ve had, and people I’ve met, and I will work the rest of my life to make sure that future students are able to have the same, and better, experiences and opportunities as me.

NCSU Student Tickets Available for the ACC Championship Game

We’re excited to announce that there will be a 2010 ACC Championship Student Ticket Lottery for NC State students!

Go to the same old place,, to request your tickets.

Here are the details:

Distribution Schedule
Request Period will begin 11/25/10 (12:01 AM) – 11/27/10 (11:59 PM)
1st Claim Period will begin 11/28/10 (3:01 AM) – 11/29/10 (11:59 PM)
2nd Claim Period will begin 11/30/10 (3:01 AM) – 11/30/10 (11:59 PM)
On Demand Period will begin 12/1/10 (12:01 AM) – 12/3/10 (12 PM)

And the fine print…

* Student tickets are $35. Students will have to pay for their ticket at the time they claim their ticket. Students will NOT be able to purchase student guest tickets.

* The online voucher students print out at home is NOT the actual game ticket.

* In order for students wanting to sit together, they must all redeem their online voucher together at either Reynolds or the NC State Ticket Office.

There will be two options for students to redeem their online voucher.
1. Students can present their online ticket (voucher) and their valid NCSU Student ID at the NC State Ticket Office (located at 5400 Trinity Rd. Suite 407 Raleigh, NC 27607) between Wednesday (12/1/10) and Friday (12/3/10) before 12 PM to receive your ACC Championship ticket. The NC State Ticket Office hours are from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

2. Students will also be able to pick up their ticket at Reynolds Coliseum on Wednesday (12/1/10) from 5PM – 7PM. (The first ticket window closest to the parking garage at the north entrance facing Dunn

* If you’re not awarded a student ticket through the lottery, please visit to purchase tickets for this game.  We’ll need all the support we can get!

* Any questions, please call the NC State Ticket Office at 919-865-1510.

* More info at

Obviously we need to win at Maryland on Saturday for this all to really matter, but it’s happening for now!

Go Pack!  Take care of business this weekend!

Announcement – Parents and Families Weekend – Virgina Tech vs. NCSU Football

Fellow Students,

Our football team is experiencing great success to start the season as we are 3-0 heading into our game against Georgia Tech this Saturday at noon on ESPN!  Last Thursday night when we played Cincinnati, students requested almost 13,000 student seats online, compared to our allotment of a little over 8,000.  As the request period begins for the Parents & Families weekend game against Virginia Tech and runs through 11:59 PM on Saturday, demand is again expected to be at record highs.

Our student ticket lottery is weighted to favor graduate students and seniors and loyal attendees, however, it is still a lottery.  Very similar to the NBA rookie draft, those with the most points, don’t always win.  With that being said, Student Government and the Athletics Department have been working on solutions to get as many students into the game as possible.

Be sure to check out, the Technician, and the SG website on Monday/Tuesday for details regarding more opportunities for students to receive tickets for the VT game.

Demand like this shows how our student body has stepped up to the plate to support our Wolfpack, this is a great problem to have!  Let’s keep filling Carter-Finley, especially with our early arrivals, Go Pack!

Jeffrey Johnson

Student Athletic Director

A New Age In NC State (And Athletics): No Matter How Much You Hate Marketing, It Is Quite Important

Before I even get started, yes, I know some people love marketing.  People major in it, work in it, and live, breathe, and eat it.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t really care for it; however, I do understand its value and importance.  You see, marketing is a difficult and tricky thing to get a hold of.  How do you reach and sway a large targeted group of people effectively and consistently?  It can be as simple as putting up posters, or as difficult as planning for years how you’re going to run your presidential campaign.

The Breakdown

The official definition of marketing, provided by the American Marketing Association (AMA) is as follows,

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Now, lets break that down a bit.  A more simple definition provided by Wikipedia, explains that, “Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services.”  That helps quite a bit in understanding the AMA’s long winded definition.

Marketing is whatever you do to communicate your product/service to customers. It covers all forms of communication, such as word of mouth, newspaper ads, posters, fliers, television commercials, etc.  Its whatever you do to make someone stop and say, “Hey, that looks cool!  I think I’ll attend/buy it.” This simple understanding by your potential customer is what drives business and creates success.

Why Marketing Is Important

Without marketing, for the most part, the general population would be clueless as to what to do or buy.  Think about it.  When was the last time you did or bought something without seeing, hearing, or reading anything about it? I’m talking about, see it for the first time ever, and buy it without speaking a word to anyone, not even a store employee.  Exactly.  You had to think for a bit.  We, as a society, have to be told what to buy for the most part.  We see on TV what to wear, hear from friends what’s good to eat, and read and talk about where to go.  Are you beginning to see why marketing is so important?

You have to get your product out there.  Make people aware of what you have and why they should have it.  Also, remember the age old life lesson, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  What a valuable saying.  Simple information is easy to process quickly and understandably. People make decisions about everything, some small, like what type of gum to buy, and some large, purchasing a home or vehicle.  The easier information is to process and obtain, the easier the decision, and the happier the person making the decision.  This job also lies in the hands of those doing the marketing.

Why Is Marketing Important To NC State?

Now, hopefully, you’re beginning to understand why I’m bringing this up in a blog about NC State.  How often do you hear about positive things going on at NC State?  When was the last time you saw a commercial for the university?  When was the last time you read/heard about some innovation made possible through research at NC State?  How about, when was the last time you heard a NC State sponsored athletics advertisement?  When you go into a clothing store, do you see more UNC, Duke, or NC State apparel?

So I’ve got you thinking again.  Granted, I don’t watch much TV, and its mostly cable when I do, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial for NC State as a university, or for its athletics department outside the normal one or two during a football or basketball game.  I stay on the lookout for articles about NC State research and innovation, but I mostly see them from our own NC State website.  As for clothing sales, its sad to say, but I see mostly UNC and Duke apparel, even in Raleigh…

The University

We, as a university, need to separate ourselves from area institutions through marketing. I know, I know, times are tough and budgets are cut.  We have a handful of people doing the jobs of ten people, but we need to refocus.  We need to get our story– our success, out the the mainstream public at a higher rate.  We need to invest in commercials highlighting the innovations and discoveries taking place in Raleigh.  For example- our engineering department has developed a new methodology for better predicting winter weather and climate.  Did you know that?  It will cut winter weather preparation costs to governments and generally help everyone not get so mad at our local weatherman (I’m talking mainly about Greg Fishel).  Want to read more?  Check out the news release from NCSU.  There are tons of them.  Check them out here.

Why not make a commercial highlighting our biggest achievements?  The more people that go, “Wow!  That’s pretty cool,”  the more people we have respecting our university, the more students we have wanting to enroll, the more pride our alumni have in NC State, and the more donations we have flowing into the school.  Where’s the bad in that?

I know that increasing efficiencies in biofuel production isn’t the most exciting thing, but isn’t designing the next Mars rover pretty cool?  We need to build better relations with our local media to promote our news releases so more of them can be picked up for you to read about in your daily or weekend’s N&O or on WRAL’s website.

The Athletics Department

This same idea carries over to our athletics department.  We need to invest more in self promotion. Granted, when you have a nice period of a lack of success on the field, its a bit harder to do, but it can still be done.  While we wait for some of our programs to get it together, we can still promote.  We recently spent a good bit of money on revamping and improving the sound systems in Carter-Finley Stadium, so why not advertise it?  “Come out and join the excitement of Wolfpack football this season with 55,000 of your best friends.  Carter-Finley Stadium is one of the best venues in the ACC and we’ve recently upgraded our sound systems to make it even better.  Check out the schedule and purchase tickets to a game at or call us at (919) 865-1510.”  Now I know its not the best thing, but you get the point.  We can advertise basketball ticket sales with highlights of the freshmen and returning guys along with marketing our return to national prominence.

Give the people something to want and they will come and get it. As much as you may hate delving into the depths of psychology and brainstorming idea after idea for marketing purposes, but the main idea is simple enough.

NC State has a lot to offer, we just have to make people want it.

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

As the month of July is wrapping up, it is time to seriously start thinking about Wolfpack football.  After all, September 4th is only 39 days away!  With all of the excitement already surrounding the upcoming basketball season, what better way to get ready than kicking-off Wolfpack Football?  We have a pretty difficult schedule for the upcoming year, but as always, we Wolfpack faithful can expect an exciting product on the field, and a fun time in the stands.

This blog post will provide you with all the info you’ll need to get ready for the season.  I’m sorry that there are quite a few tables and pictures, but all provide important and necessary information.  Read to the end to see a cool update on Carter-Finley Stadium.

First, take a look at our upcoming schedule, courtesy of GoPack:




Time (EST)



Sat, Sept 04 Western Carolina Raleigh, NC 6 P.M.
Sat, Sept 11 at UCF Orlando, FL 7:30 P.M. CBS College Sports Network
Thu, Sept 16 Cincinnati Raleigh, NC 7:30 P.M. ESPN
Sat, Sept 25 at Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA TBA TBA
Sat, Oct 02 Virginia Tech Raleigh, NC TBA TBA
Sat, Oct 09 Boston College Raleigh, NC TBA TBA
Sat, Oct 16 at East Carolina Greenville, NC 12 NOON CBS College Sports Network
Thu, Oct 28 Florida State Raleigh, NC 7:30 P.M. ESPN
Sat, Nov 06 at Clemson Clemson, SC TBA TBA
Sat, Nov 13 Wake Forest Raleigh, NC TBA TBA
Sat, Nov 20 at North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC TBA TBA
Sat, Nov 27 at Maryland College Park, MD TBA TBA

** All home games are highlighted in bold**

Now for the students, via TicketReturn, here is the ticket claim schedule:

Game Date Opponent Request Period Claim Period 1 Claim Period 2 On Demand**
09/04/10 Western Carolina 08/27/10 12:01 AM – 8/28/10 11:59 PM 8/29/10 3:01 AM – 8/30/10 11:59 PM 8/31/10 3:01 AM – 8/31/10 11:59 PM 9/1/10 12:01 AM – 9/4/10**
09/16/10 Cincinnati 9/8/10 12:01 AM – 9/9/10 11:59 PM 9/10/10 3:01 AM – 9/11/10 11:59 PM 9/12/10 3:01 AM – 9/12/10 11:59 PM 9/13/10 12:01 AM – 9/16/10 **
10/02/10 Virginia Tech 9/24/10 12:01 AM – 9/25/10 11:59 PM 9/26/10 3:01 AM – 9/27/10 11:59 PM 9/28/10 3:01 AM – 9/28/10 11:59 PM 9/29/10 12:01 AM – 10/02/10**
10/09/10 Boston College 10/1/10 12:01 AM – 10/2/10 11:59 PM 10/3/10 3:01 AM – 10/4/10 11:59 PM 10/5/10 3:01 AM – 10/5/10 11:59 PM 10/6/10 12:01 AM – 10/9/10**
10/28/10 Florida State 10/20/10 12:01 AM – 10/21/10 11:59 PM 10/22/10 3:01 AM – 10/23/10 11:59 PM 10/24/10 3:01 AM – 10/24/10 11:59 PM 10/25/10 12:01 AM – 10/28/10**
11/13/10 Wake Forest 11/5/10 12:01 AM – 11/6/10 11:59 PM 11/7/10 3:01 AM – 11/8/10 11:59 PM 11/9/10 3:01 AM – 11/9/10 11:59 PM 11/10/10 12:01 AM – 11/13/10**

** On Demand Phase will end 6 hours prior to kick-off on game day**

And here is the parking distribution schedule:

2010 Football Student Parking Distribution Schedule

Game Date Opponent Distribution Date Time Notes
9/4/2010 Western Carolina 9/1/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
9/16/2010 Cincinnati 9/14/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM **Thursday night game
10/2/2010 Virginia Tech 9/29/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
10/9/2010 Boston College 10/6/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
10/28/2010 Florida State 10/26/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM **Thursday night game
11/13/2010 Wake Forest 11/10/2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

As a reminder, this year we will be beginning the first year of having all students in the lower bowl.  Here is the new seating chart highlighting student sections in yellow.

Having all students sit in the lower bowl, while moving the main away section to the upper deck will allow more sound to be closer to the field, enhancing our home-field advantage!  Students get closer to the action and our increased loudness and rowdiness will definitely pump up the football team.  This move will only help our status as one of ESPNs top 5 most spirited student sections (scroll down to see us) in the US.

Lastly, its exciting to say that the sound system in Carter-Finley is getting a nice (and long overdue) upgrade.  Fans can expect better quality sound and less annoying feedback noise.  Crews have been out working the past couple weeks on the jumbo-tron as well as other speakers around the stadium.  These upgrades should allow Carter-Finley to remain the best venue in NC, and one of the best in the ACC, to watch football.

I’m definitely ready for some football!  Go Pack!

A New Age in NC State Athletics: The Customer Always Knows Best

“The Customer Always Knows Best”

I’m not sure how many people have heard of the old adage about the customer knowing best, but I’ve heard it and seen it in stores many times throughout my life.  When you stop and think about it, the saying really is quite true.  In our capitalistic economy, the customer is king.  If I go into a business and try to purchase their services, my decision on whether or not to pay to begin with, or to acquire their services again, mostly hinges on their customer service.

I love Wikipedia, so naturally they provide one of my favorite definitions of customer service.  Wikipedia says,

“Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.”1

I like this definition because it defines customer service as a continuous process.  It goes on before, during and after a purchase.  It’s not just something that you do to make the sale; you have to continue it throughout the life of the product.  If not, then good luck getting the customer to come back.  This easily translates to the athletics industry with season ticket sales and donations.

Pearson Higher Ed, the wonderful publishers of many of our textbooks also offers a great definition of customer service,

Customer Service refers to the identifiable, but sometimes intangible, activities undertaken by a retailer in conjunction with the basic goods and services it sells.”2

What a fantastic definition.  Customer service is filled with intangibles.  You can’t really set a group of SOP’s for customer service.  Sometimes you just have to wing it.  Although not majorly, it’s different for every customer, as no two people are the same.  You can usually tell when you’re interacting with a customer if they’re digging what you’re saying and doing.  You change your approach to best fit the situation and customer, thus proving the identifiable aspect of customer service.

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious from both definitions that customer service is pretty important in the business world.

Now before I continue, I’m not saying that our University or Athletics Department doesn’t practice or value proper customer service, I’m saying that no one can say that their customer service is adequate, or “good enough” in the ever evolving nature of the business.

This brings us to my first charge to the NC State Athletics Department as it moves forward into the Yow era of leadership.  The department needs to become, at least, the conference standard for customer service.  Our department, and university, needs to heed the saying, the customer always knows best.  When dealing with all aspects that involve fans, or customers, we need to say, “what is best for the fans?”  I know that the bottom line and the difference between being in the black or red is a top priority as well, but there is no reason the two can’t go hand in hand.  We should say, what is this going to do to our budget, but we should also think about which would have the best impact on fans.  After all, our fans are our customers.  Students, alums, and fans are the ones who buy the tickets to watch teams play.  Fans are the ones who continuously pack the stands to watch the ‘Pack play, win or lose, but as you can tell from my last post, mostly the latter.

First of all, all problems would be solved, essentially, through winning ball games.  After a winning atmosphere is created, that’s where fans concentrate on having the best amenities and atmosphere for themselves.  I ask, why can’t you do both at the same time.  It’s not that you have to invest a fortune to better service customers; you can do so just through a few small steps.

Improving Customer Service: As Easy as 1,2, 3

  1. I believe that the most quintessential aspect of creating a better atmosphere of customer service is through promoting fan involvement.  Obviously, that would not carry over to coaching decisions, since all fans are “arm chair quarterbacks” and we should let the coaches, who are paid to coach, coach.  I’m talking about letting customer opinions be heard, and most importantly, felt heard.  This area is one in which I believe our new athletic director, Debbie Yow, is going to do a better job.  Honestly though, you can’t do a much worse job than our previous administration.  Debbie Yow has already said that she have an email account created for fans to email suggestions, critiques, and compliments (I’m going out on a limb and betting there are going to be few of those).  She has said this before she even started her job (her first day is July 15).  There we go… one step in the right direction.  The next one is following through and having those emails answered.  Every single legitimate email…
  2. The second area in which I think we would be able to improve customer service, is through increasing communication.  I’ll write more on the topic later, but I definitely think we have missed the ball on communicating with our fans for the past several years.  The Wolfpack fan base is such a passionate, information hungry group, why not quench that thirst and have them more invested in the program? By generating more frequent press releases and creating better relations with local media, NC State will be able to give its fans what they want, more access.
  3. I do believe that our Athletics Department does a good job with some of its promotions to fans, but we could do better. I am by no means a marketing expert.  I’m not even a fan of the subject, but I, as well as any business person, will admit that marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. Self-promotion gains more business and good products retain business.  We need to start with the beginning of that equation.  Our self-promotion is hit or miss.  This includes marketing and media relations.  Once again, I’ll expand more in another post about our marketing and SID needs, but one idea involves allowing court access to fans after basketball games similar to Cameron Indoor at Duke.  However, for my point, if we run the right promotions to bring in fans and show them a good product on the field, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll (the fans) want to come back.

1 – Wiki definition of Customer Service

2 – Pearson Ed definition of Customer Service